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So, you call yourselves christians?

I have felt compelled to write this for some time and after much thought, anxiety, and prayer, and a discussion last night with my father-in-law and brother-in-law (I consider both to be “true” christians) I decided to give it a whirl.

Hopefully someone who feels undeserving of the picture I paint about “christians” will step forward and defend their actions or lack of actions or come to the realization that this is the impression that they give to all the world.

First, let me explain one thing.  I call myself a christian and I am certainly not blameless in many things.  But one of the excuses that christians use for not being more “Christ like” is that they are simply “human” and just normal people but “covered by the blood.”

I am not going to point fingers at specific people even though it is specific group of people, “leaders” or those “called” by God to minister that is  the focus of this commentary.

This is the picture:

A guy is raised in the church and like many others is a faithful follower, studies the scriptures, and works at being “Christ like.”  Many will argue that you don’t work at being “Christ like” that you are simply transformed, but in my opinion, it is not that simple.  You must put effort into praying and reading the scriptures and ask for that renewing of the mind in order to be transformed into a more “Christ like” person.

So this guy falls on hard times – loses his job, his health deteriorates, he is up and down in moods, he tells his fellow “church goers,” his pastor and deacons of his struggles in bits and pieces.

His struggles worsen,  suicidal thoughts race through his mind, he wants someone to talk to, someone to share and bear his burdens with him. He has worked all his life and now struggles to find work.

He battles with depression as he fights with the unemployment and social security to try and get some financial relief.  One of his friends hangs himself, because he could not handle the pressure of life and the burdens placed on him.

The thought of exiting this life gets him to wondering – would anyone even notice that he was gone?

He ends up in the emergency room with stress related symptoms, bill collectors are calling and now he finds out the house he and his family have lived in for more than three years is being foreclosed on.

He stops going to church.  One Sunday passes, two Sundays, three Sundays.  He wonders why the pastor or one of the deacons doesn’t check on him or even call.  Two more Sundays pass and he is now in the middle of moving.  Still not one call from one of his “brothers” or “sisters” in Christ.

The move is bearing down hard on him and then his mother ends up in the hospital. Not for a day – for a week!  He finishes moving and his mom gets out of the hospital.

Every day he checks his home phone and cell phone to make sure they are working, in case a “brother” or sister” decides to call and check on him.

It has been two months since he set foot in the church building.  He drives past it often, but the pastors car is never there.  Perhaps because he is out visiting the members of his congregation?

The next Sunday he gets up and goes to Starbucks and something happens that strikes him as very interesting.  The barrista (who hasn’t seen him in six months or more) calls him by name and literally makes people wait in line while asking all about how  he is doing.  No one knows if the barrista is a “christian,” but in that moment, everyone in that Starbucks recognized the “Christ like” concern and compassion that the barrista showed the man.

He goes out with his coffee and gets in the car with the feeling that someone does care about him.  But then on the way home he breaks down in tears.

Why does he cry?

Because he still hasn’t heard from a soul at the church.

Matthew 18:12 says “How think ye? if a man have an hundred sheep, and one of them be gone astray, doth he not leave the ninety and nine, and goeth into the mountains, and seeketh that which is gone astray?”


Dedicated to RUPERT and ROB! YouTube – Tea Party Member Stuns Crowd!

Dedicated to RUPERT and ROB!  YouTube – Tea Party Member Stuns Crowd!.

They are goin to LOVE this!


A PZ Myers clone perhaps?

Sounds like somethin’ PZ Myers would say….


What are we mindful of?

If you think you know, click below!

With all the pomp and circumstance…


Researchers may be close to creating life – but it’ll never happen!

Researchers may be close to creating life – but it’ll never happen!.


Somebody needs an education

I will not name the skeptic that is constantly and consistently reading my posts and attacking me, but I do want “he, she, or it” to know that they certainly can attack me for my beliefs but it would be best if “he, she, or it” has something better than this…

Let me preface my remarks by saying that “he, she, or it” must be inept in more ways than one, because “he, she, or it” said that “he, she, or it” tried to leave a comment but could not.

Now, just so there is no misunderstanding, “he, she, or its” exact words were,  “I tried to post a comment to your post “Let’s get our facts straight”, but when I submit, I’m informed that I need to be logged in to comment, but I can’t see any way to log in.”

Anyway, that alone may explain why “he, she, or it” cannot read nor understand scientific notation.  I know it is a difficult concept to grasp, especially when you are incapable of figuring out how to log in to post a comment, but it is really not that difficult:  Here is the basic lesson – 10 raised to the 1st power is simply 10; 10 to the 2nd power (notated as 102) and is computed as 10 x 10 which equals 100; 103 is equivalent to 10 x 10 x 10 or 1,000, and so forth.

Now “he, she, or it” said this in an email to me:

“Your reading comprehension is on stunning form as usual.  This is what the article *actually* says:

‘A universal common ancestor is at least 102,860 times more probable than having multiple ancestors, Theobald calculates.’ “

Well, it appears that my blog reader not only needs help in how to log in to post a comment on my blog, but needs a basic understanding of how to read scientific notation and when not to open “his, her, or its” mouth.

The article states “A universal common ancestor is at least 102,860 times more probable…” 

The problem I see with “he, she, or it” constantly railing away at me about my posts is this.  If “he, she, or it” has something credible to say, then say it.  But if “he, she, or it” cannot even understand that 102,860 is different from 102,860, and not just a little different, but WAY different, then maybe “he, she, or it” should stick to reading something simple like The Cat in the Hat!


Let’s get our facts straight

I was drawn to read an article in ScienceNews, May 12, 2010, by Tina Hesman Saey. I am not sure if it was curiosity or boredom that led me to read this particular article, All present-day life arose from a single ancestor, nevertheless I began reading…

“One isn’t such a lonely number,” the article began. “All life on Earth shares a single common ancestor, a new statistical analysis confirms.” Confirms? Did she say CONFIRMS?

I thought confirm meant “To support or establish the certainty or validity of” or “To verify.”

Here is Saey’s evidence that verifies that you and I come from some slimy single celled bacterium eons and eons ago.

Saey says that “Because microorganisms of different species often swap genes, some scientists have proposed that multiple primordial life forms could have tossed their genetic material into life’s mix, creating a web, rather than a tree of life.”

So to determine which hypothesis is more likely correct, Douglas Theobald’s, a biochemist at Brandeis University in Waltham, Mass., “put various evolutionary ancestry models through rigorous statistical tests.”

The results Saey says, “come down overwhelmingly on the side of a single ancestor.”

According to Saey in her ScienceNews article, Theobald, reported in Nature, May 13, that he calculated that “a universal common ancestor is at least 102,860 times more probable than having multiple ancestors.” Theobald went on to report that, “such a scenario is 103,489 times more probable than the best multi-ancestor model,” saying, “That’s a 1 with 3,489 zeros after it.”

Now, it appears to me that Theobald needs a little help in some basic math, because the difference between 102,860 and is 103,489 is a 1 with 629 zeroes after it – quite the difference. And let’s not forget, Tina Saey needs a little help in some basic reporting!

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