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PZ Myers – a hypocrite

PZ Myers likes people to think he is a liberal, tree hugging, lovable teddy bear, but he is simply a hypocrite as are his followers … correction – worshippers!


Dedicated to RUPERT and ROB! YouTube – Tea Party Member Stuns Crowd!

Dedicated to RUPERT and ROB!  YouTube – Tea Party Member Stuns Crowd!.

They are goin to LOVE this!


A PZ Myers clone perhaps?

Sounds like somethin’ PZ Myers would say….


Somebody needs an education

I will not name the skeptic that is constantly and consistently reading my posts and attacking me, but I do want “he, she, or it” to know that they certainly can attack me for my beliefs but it would be best if “he, she, or it” has something better than this…

Let me preface my remarks by saying that “he, she, or it” must be inept in more ways than one, because “he, she, or it” said that “he, she, or it” tried to leave a comment but could not.

Now, just so there is no misunderstanding, “he, she, or its” exact words were,  “I tried to post a comment to your post “Let’s get our facts straight”, but when I submit, I’m informed that I need to be logged in to comment, but I can’t see any way to log in.”

Anyway, that alone may explain why “he, she, or it” cannot read nor understand scientific notation.  I know it is a difficult concept to grasp, especially when you are incapable of figuring out how to log in to post a comment, but it is really not that difficult:  Here is the basic lesson – 10 raised to the 1st power is simply 10; 10 to the 2nd power (notated as 102) and is computed as 10 x 10 which equals 100; 103 is equivalent to 10 x 10 x 10 or 1,000, and so forth.

Now “he, she, or it” said this in an email to me:

“Your reading comprehension is on stunning form as usual.  This is what the article *actually* says:

‘A universal common ancestor is at least 102,860 times more probable than having multiple ancestors, Theobald calculates.’ “

Well, it appears that my blog reader not only needs help in how to log in to post a comment on my blog, but needs a basic understanding of how to read scientific notation and when not to open “his, her, or its” mouth.

The article states “A universal common ancestor is at least 102,860 times more probable…” 

The problem I see with “he, she, or it” constantly railing away at me about my posts is this.  If “he, she, or it” has something credible to say, then say it.  But if “he, she, or it” cannot even understand that 102,860 is different from 102,860, and not just a little different, but WAY different, then maybe “he, she, or it” should stick to reading something simple like The Cat in the Hat!


A call to Pharyngulites and their leader…

PZ Myers to join together with believers in the common good of all mankind and join the group “Love thy neighbor as thyself!”

It’s easy and it’s free… but there is a risk! When you join and begin caring for others as much or more than you care for yourself, you run the risk of believing that there is a higher power from which the love is generated!

I challenge you! Reach out to your neighbor and give them a hand… not a finger!


You are invited to…

join me and the group “Love thy neighbor as thyself!” If you don’t want to join, then it says one of two things about you…

1. You want to continue to put yourself first, or

2.  You want to continue putting others second.

Homeless by Kirk Donaldson

Whether you are a believer or a non-believer doesn’t that make sense?


Hats off to Caleb Ross!

I have to tell all you skeptics out there… if there is a man that preaches from his heart, it is Caleb Ross!  That dude is young, very humble, and I believe that God has set him apart to lead nonbelievers to that good ole “Living Water!”  Not only lead them to the “River with no end”, but by using the power of the Gospel, convince them to drink of it!

Yesterday, I listened to Caleb speak the Truth straight from his heart.  You know, he said the world tells you that it’s all about you as he led us through some common “misconceptions.”  He ended by saying that Moses died on the mountain overlooking the promised land, and that is what will happen to you if you don’t except the Truth.  Then Caleb added as he spoke in a soft but firm voice s “All you have to do is step through that gate that Jesus is holding open for you…” It is that simple!

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