CodeRed – men’s best defense against the monthly Her-icane?

I didn’t realize, but I should have known, that there are half a dozen applications on the market for tracking women’s menstrual periods.

This came to my attention when the newest application “CodeRed” for the iPhone recently made headlines in several major newspapers.  Since my wife sometimes reads my articles, I found myself in a bit of a quandary not knowing exactly when her “time” might be, and wanting to stay out of the “dog house” as long as possible.

So I began researching. and of course looking at my calendar, and trying to plan for a timely release of this newsworthy article.

Well my research revealed applications from the simple and aptly named, “Period Planner” for the Blackberry, designed for the “female friends who plan to conceive a baby, avoid a pregnancy or want to know when the next period will come,” to the “IAmAMan” for the iPhone which is designed of course for the sleazy, dirtball that wants to “play” several girls at a time.

The latest app to hit the market, “CodeRed,”  was designed for men by a husband and wife team.  “CodeRed‘s” main purpose is to alert men of impending PMS moods or the most favorable times to be amorous. The electronic gadget app is described as “Men’s best defense against the monthly Her-ricane.”

Of course being a husband, having a daughter, being a brother, and working for a woman, makes the $2.99 price tag appear very attractive to me!  You see, “CodeRed” can track the multiple women in your life – wife, daughter, boss, sister,

But the best feature of the application is that it provides alerts and tips such as “PMS ALERT!  – She has headaches, boob-aches, heart-aches, and all around life-aches. The following tips will keep you out of danger.”

Ironically CodeRed was not only designed for the iPhone, but works well on the iPad as well!

As for me, I am going to save my $2.99 and apply it to what I have come to find the best defense against the monthly “Her-icane” – Roses!

Hint: My local florist is on my speed-dial!


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